Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mario Kart in the Classroom - Day 2

Today we continued to work with Mario Kart and started to develop our commentaries. The class started by watching yesterdays race and warming up their skills. The class then race that I had done, using the replay function in single player. I did try using the ghost data but that is only useable in a time trial with only one car on the track.

Above is a video of what we used in class. (Just in case it all went wrong) This is what I used as stimulus for the classes newspaper reports. We watched the race 2 times, firstly to record words to describe the events of the race and secondly to record ideas about opinions and other details.

We moved away from the game and talked about who we needed to interview. We worked out we needed to talk to the driver Yoshi. So I stepped into the role and the class asked me some questions. There where so really well thought out questions, based on the brainstorming of details we had earlier. One child asked me about the accident I had, which he had been discussing with his support. It was great to have things coming together so naturally.

We share wrote a opening paragraph and then we started to write, we are going to continue on Thursday. Looking forward to getting some final writing.

Could you use the video we watched to describe the race?


  1. Great article. Don't know if you've seen but i've done a unit with Mario Kart in Y4 for the last couple of years: http://primarypete.net/?p=88 if it is of any use.

    One extension we tried this year was for the newspapers Literacy unit we created an account in our learning platform for the 'CEO of Nintendo' and had a couple of chat sessions with them (with me logged in as myself and on another browser, the CEO). It seemed to take possible drama elements and enthusiasm even further as they truelly believed it was the CEO they were discussing stuff with. It then led on to them discussing what was required to fullfil the CEO's wishes (creating adverts, newspaper reports, basically lots of persuasive writing). Just an idea anyway - great stuff & look forward to finding out where you take it next!