Saturday, 26 March 2011

Averages in Maths

I used the Wii in Maths a couple of weeks ago - I 'magpied' the idea from a tweet I saw whilst I planning my maths for the week. I have not used the Wii in this way a lot in maths so it was a nice change - although we have done work using Mario Kart - for this lesson we used Wii Sports and bowling to look at averages.

The full blog post that I wrote can be seen here - I was really pleased with the outcomes, the children were all engaged on task and at the end said that the lesson had gone to fast and by playing they now knew averages!

Would be great to hear how you have used the Wii in maths lessons, I am planning on using it again this week for a spot of revision using Wii Golf will blog how it goes then.

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